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Agile Platform Tips & Tricks #1

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Expression Editor had a lot of improvements in Service Studio 5.0. You’ve probably already found most of them, but just in case you haven’t, here’s a list of some of them:

- The window is no longer modal so you can open several of them for comparison and copy/paste.

- Besides dragging from the scope tree, you can now also drag variables & actions set as functions from the eSpace tree.

- As you’re typing, the border of the text editor turns red when the expression is invalid, giving you immediate feedback when make a typo. Additionally, the case of variables and functions is automatically corrected to match its definition, so you have that extra degree of confidence that the TrueChange™ engine recognized what you just typed when you see it fix the case for you.

- You can now right click most elements in the scope tree and go to their definition:

imageimage imageimage


- The completion list now includes the icons of the elements and tooltips about them:


- The filtering algorithm of the completion list is now smarter, and also matches word at the middle instead of just at the start:


- It also detects acronyms, so if you open up the completion list by pressing Ctrl+Space and then type “ni” it automatically selects the “NullIdentifier()” built-in function. In addition, if you don’t have the completion list open yet and just type “ni” followed by Ctrl+Space, it automatically inserts “NullIdentifier()” if there’s no other match as good. This works also for NullDateTime, CurrDateTime, and other variations.

How cool is that?