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Agile Platform Tips & Tricks #2

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Service Studio 5.0 had a lot of improvements in the drag & drop department. Some of them are listed in this great video from Rodrigo Coutinho - New in 5.0 - Drag & Drop – but there are a lot more. Here are 3 of my favorites that aren’t included in that video:

  • If you drag an input parameter with an Entity Identifier type from the eSpace tree to a preparation or any other kind of action flow, a query to get the respective Entity will be created. This is very handy when creating edit or show screens

  • [New in 5.0.2] You can replace any terminal element with any other terminal element by dropping on top of it. This is especially useful when you want to replace the default end element of preparations or screen actions with a destination or a download element. What used to take three steps (remove the old element, drag the new one, and recreate the connector) can now be done with only one step!

  • [New in 5.0.2] You can drag variables on top of widgets to change their binding:

Remember, there are lot more behaviors like these ones, just try to drag things around to find them.

Happy drag & dropping!